Alveno Carlos Brito Soares

2016 Fellow from Cabo Verde

Alveno Soares has more than nine years of experience in various areas related to socio-cultural activities (including children, youth, and the environment). Currently, Alveno is finishing his fourth and final year of Social Work at the University Jean Piaget of Cape Verde. As a volunteer at his island's youth center, he is responsible for social and environmental tasks. He also works on the national voluntary body and the LGBT association. Alveno is a tour guide (operating in five languages) and the driving force of the social platform, Djunta Mon. Alveno has experience in the national and international arena. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Alveno will continue his social and environmental work, focusing on the creation of workshops in the fields of human rights, citizenship, and environment, so that these issues can be brought closer to the hearts of the young.

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