Amara Sorie Tunkara

2017 Fellow from Sierra Leone

Amara Sorie Tunaka has over four years of experience in the water and climate change sectors. Currently, he is the Area Engineer Central at Guma Valley Water Company and Project Advocacy Head at ClimatEducate Africa. The Guma Valley Water Company is a public utility with the responsibility of supplying potable drinking water in Freetown and its environs. ClimatEducate Africa is an online environmental advocacy initiative focusing on conceptualizing and coordinating with volunteers and local communities on climate change issues. Amara holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Sierra Leone. Upon returning from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, with the acquired innovative skills and knowledge, he hopes to be able to advise and support authorities in decision-making policies that will enhance proper management of Non-Revenue Water and the equitable distribution and conservation of water resources. He will be more equipped to work with Civil Society Organizations, Water and Environmental activists and International NGOs on community sanitizations to reduce land degradation which influences climate change and water scarcity. Amara is motivated to contribute immensely to water and sanitation practices that are currently threatening Sierra Leone and the world population, hence the reason for this field of study.

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