Boaz Tulu

2022 Fellow from Ethiopia

Boaz Berhanu Tulu is an agritech start-up founder and incubator with more than four years of experience in Ethiopia and East Africa. He believes that youth involvement in the agricultural sector is the key to achieving sustainable agriculture in Africa and that one way to do this is to empower youth to apply skills and knowledge gained at universities to the agricultural sector and create their own agritech start-ups. Boaz has a master's degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. He is co-founder of three artificial intelligence?based agritech start-up companies in Ethiopia. He has won 12 national and international awards for innovation in the agricultural sector. His long-term ambition is to build a start-up incubator for fresh graduates, in which he empowers them with knowledge and skills and helps them lead their own start-ups. Boaz is a gifted, innovative teambuilder who sees challenges and problems in the agricultural sector and in other sectors as opportunities to come up with new ideas. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Boaz will use his new skills and network to establish his start-up incubator in Ethiopia.

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