Camus Mahougnon Adoligbe

2016 Fellow from Benin

After completing his university degree in Benin, Camus M Adoligbe left to earn a PhD in China. He currently works as an assistant professor with expertise in Animal Agriculture at the University of Abomey-Calavi. His daily tasks include teaching, research work, designing and monitoring, research project management, and evaluation. He also volunteers in community development to improve livelihoods, and quality and access to education for children. Camus has a strong desire to expand his activities to his entire country and even into neighboring countries. He plans to establish a nongovernment organization to use as a platform for implementation, developing partnerships, and raising funds from individuals, corporate sponsors, donors, and the government. From his attendance at the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Camus expects to build solid networks, learn from the experiences of his peers, and absorb skills that will be beneficial for the realization of his vision.

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