Catherine Chinyere Edeh

2015 Fellow from Nigeria

Edeh Catherine Chinyere is a post-lingual-deaf lady from Nike in Enugu State, Nigeria with over ten years' experience as an activist and advocate for disability-rights. She majored in special education and law, thereafter observing her NYSC with the Office of Senate Committee on Rules and Business, National Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria for a year from March 2014. She doubled as a deputy desk officer and advocate for the legislation of the Nigeria Disability Rights Bill and is a seasoned rights advocate, lawyer, certified strategic planner, special educator, disability rights activist and consultant, and the founder and director of duly-incorporated NGO, Voice of Disability Initiative. With her NGO, she advocates for an inclusive system where the rights of persons with disability are safeguarded. Regardless of the high rate of disability-rights violation in Africa, she's scaled countless hurdles and remains ruggedly, determinedly optimistic that the cause of persons with disabilities shall triumph.

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