Chipampa Chola

2021 Fellow from Zambia

Chipampa Chola has over eight years of experience in renewable energy.  He is a senior energy officer for the Ministry of Energy in Zambia, where he is responsible for developing and implementing programs that support the widespread use of renewable energy technologies. Chipampa has successfully managed several renewable energy projects, including the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's Green Recovery in Agri-Food Value Chain Project, the Southern African Development Community's ("SADC") "Improvement of Livelihoods in SADC Member States through the Adoption of Distributed Renewable Energy for Productive Use" Project, and the establishment of the Zambia Energy Access Explorer Technical Assistance Facility under Africa Clean Energy. Chipampa is the founder of the Sustainable Agriculture Solutions Society, a youth organization that is aimed at improving agriculture productivity in Zambia.  He attributes the success of the Sustainable Agriculture Solutions Society to the leadership and interpersonal skills he gained from the Mandela Washington Fellowship. Chipampa holds a bachelor's degree in wood science and technology and is currently pursuing a Masters in renewable energy engineering at the University of Zambia. In order to help achieve international and national goals for food security and environmental sustainability, Chipampa is committed to promoting renewable energy in the agricultural sector.

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