Chukwuwezam Riomachi Obanor

2019 Fellow from Nigeria

Chukwuwezam Riomachi Obanor is the co-founder and CEO of Prepclass, an Edtech organization that connects learners to professional tutors. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Lagos. Since its launch, Prepclass has created over 4,000 tutoring jobs, helped underpaid teachers earn more than 60% of their salary, and assisted students in achieving their learning goals. Prepclass received recognition for innovation and excellence from multiple professional organizations, and Forbes Africa listed Chukwuwezam as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Africa. Outside of Prepclass, Chukwuwezam invests his time and resources in media, agriculture and infrastructure companies. He is a firm believer in the development of human capital through education and mentorship. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Chukwuwezam plans to launch a fund for training and supporting teachers to further bolster Nigeria's education system.

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