Cidia Chissungo

2022 Fellow from Mozambique

Cídia Chissungo has more than seven years of experience working as a campaigner for social justice in Mozambique and other African countries. Currently, Cídia is social impact director at Be Girl Mozambique, a social enterprise that empowers young women through design by rebranding menstruation and building a world where all girls own, understand, and love their bodies. Her biggest accomplishment at Be Girl Mozambique is the national menstrual hygiene curriculum that she helped develop for the government of Mozambique. Cídia continues to be passionate about menstrual hygiene management, but she is now transitioning and working as a campaigner and human rights consultant to better escalate the impact of her work as an activist. She created a campaign to call attention to the terrorist attacks in the northern part of Mozambique. Cídia holds a bachelor's degree in Education, which is her biggest passion along with other human rights. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Cídia plans to implement a school of activism project to empower and engage young people in social and political change.

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