Doreen Chaza Zimba

2019 Fellow from Zambia

Doreen Chaza Zimba has 15 years of experience working in correctional service and prisons. Currently, Doreen is the regional education supervisor and assistant superintendent in the Zambia Correctional Service where she supervises the education and skill training of inmates in the Muchinga Province. Doreen is also the vice president of the Muchinga Province Agricultural and Cooperative Show Society, a volunteer organization that coordinates farming programs. Doreen holds a bachelor's degree in Education and is currently studying for her master's degree in Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution at the University of Zambia. She is committed to the proper reintegration of inmates within society and is driven by her desire to see ex-convicts become empowered and self-reliant to avoid recidivism. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Doreen plans to continue her life-skills trainings at prisons, and more importantly, volunteer to help ex-convicts open a cooperative where they can launch businesses in line with the skills and education acquired while incarcerated.

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