Emmanuel Lekundayo

2021 Fellow from Tanzania

Emmanuel Stephens Lekundayo is a wildlife researcher and educator based in western Tanzania. He currently works with Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization (LCMO), a grassroots organization that promotes nature conservation and improves community livelihoods through environmental conservation, conservation education, community-based initiatives, ecotourism, economic development, and cultural activities. At LCMO, Emmanuel leads a conservation education program for more than 5,000 young people in schools and villages in a remote region in western Tanzania, south of Katavi National Park. He also works with farmers near the park to create sustainable livelihoods and to implement environmentally safe deterrents to reduce crop raids by elephants. Emmanuel uses biodiversity data collection, geographic information system mapping, and remote sensing to work on various wildlife conservation projects in the Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Emmanuel aims to use the knowledge and skills acquired to enhance human-wildlife coexistence and sustainable environmental practices that will benefit current and future generations.

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