Falecia Eliabu Massacky

2019 Fellow from Tanzania

Falecia loves people and is passionate about human capital development. She believes that once people are enlightened, they can solve their own issues. Falecia has seven years of experience working as an industrial policy analyst, educational leader, and a social entrepreneur. Currently, Falecia is a founder and director of Mimi Ni Nani Limited, a leadership development social business, which invests in children and youth above twelve years old through its leadership development curriculum, to raise a generation of visionary, ethical, innovative leaders and entrepreneurs. Through its leadership programs, the youth-led enterprise has impacted 300 youths and recruited and engaged over twenty young people, imparting them with relevant work skills through working with Mimi Ni Nani. Falecia is also an assistant lecturer at Ardhi University. Falecia is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Dar es Salaam, and her primary motivation is to back up Mimi Ni Nani Innovation in Transforming Education. She seeks to combine the experience and networks gained from the Mandela Washington Fellowship to ensure the growth and sustainability of Mimi Ni Nani.

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