Gorretti Byomire

2021 Fellow from Uganda

Gorretti Byomire has been a lecturer with the faculty of Computing and Informatics at Makerere University Business School for 15 years. Gorretti is also the director of the university's Disability Resource and Learning Center, where she fosters an equitable, accessible, and inclusive learning environment that responds to all abilities and learning styles. An advocate for disability inclusion in higher education in Uganda, she conducts activities that promote community participation of people with disabilities and runs training and mentorship programs for students with disabilities. She also is at the forefront of a scholarship initiative aimed at increasing the number of people with disabilities who attain a university education. Gorretti believes that the inclusion of people with disabilities in development has important ramifications for the achievement of international global development goals. Gorretti is pursuing her Ph.D. in Information Systems at the University of South Africa. She holds a Master of Information Technology, a postgraduate diploma in ICT E-learning Options, and a Bachelor of Business Computing. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, she will continue her work to remove barriers faced by people with disabilities and to develop their potential and abilities.

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