Haika James Mtei

2019 Fellow from Tanzania

Haika Mtei has over seven years of experience as an entrepreneur.  Haika is currently the CEO and founder of Goldenpot Limited, which focuses on reducing malnutrition, hunger, and poverty.  Goldenpot collects maize from over 500 female farmers and then manufactures nutritious ready-to-eat maize products such as instant porridge, breakfast cereals, corn puffs, and fortified maize flour.  All of Goldenpot's products are fortified with iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamin B12.  Goldenpot is the first local producer of breakfast cereals and porridge, helping to reduce reliance on imported products.  Haika holds a bachelor's degree in political science and sociology.  She is committed to bridging the malnutrition gap in Africa.  She credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship with the exposure, networking, and fellowship program that helped her restructure Goldenpot and make it the first local cereal producer in the market.  In addition, through the networking opportunities, she met great people who helped her turn her ideas into reality and are currently assisting a thousand households in overcoming malnutrition and poverty.

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