Levit Barry Nudi Onyango

2016 Fellow from Kenya

Levit Nudi has over five years of experience in various fields in the technology space, and digital health in particular. Currently, Levit is the founder and research scientist at Notonlab Inc, where he focuses on developing new, innovative medical devices and software solutions. He is involved in community-development activities such as empowering women and girls in technology. This involves building simple financial-tracking software tools, and training women and girls on how to use them to become more financially accountable in order to enhance their economic status. He has also volunteered significant time and resources towards helping individuals and startups in science and technology to research and develop their prototypes and products. Levit is a final-year student studying BSc Forensics at Kenyatta University. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to continue empowering his community by creating more opportunities through technology.

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