Linda Kushinga Sibanyoni

2019 Fellow from Zimbabwe

Linda Sibanyoni has over three years of experience in politics. Currently, Linda is focused on growing her political portfolio through continued civic engagement following her run for Member of Parliament in the 2018 General Elections. In November 2016 she was appointed to head of policy for the African Democratic Party (ADP), and subsequently in April 2017 to the chief of staff, a historical appointment that resulted in her being the youngest female chief of staff in Zimbabwe. Her role within the ADP led to her fulfilling essential duties within opposition alliance networks such as the Coalition of Democrats, Zimbabwe National Electoral Reform Agenda, and the In Transformation Initiative. Linda is an auditor by profession with ten years of experience, having served her articles at Grant Thornton Zimbabwe. Linda is motivated by her desire to effect policy change and institutional developments to benefit the general populace from a well-functioning democratic system. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Linda plans to return to Zimbabwe with enhanced skills and an increased capacity to lead, so that she may maximize her impact in Zimbabwean politics.

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