Lisa Videira

Field of Study: Business

Cohort: 2022

Country: Angola

Leadership Institute: Drake University

Lisa Videira is founder and chief executive officer of Academia Nzoji, an e-learning platform working to revolutionize education in the Southern African Development Community. Lisa is also a podcast host focusing on education promotion, a start-up mentor at Founder Institute Luanda, a blogger, and a former surfing and kitesurfing athlete. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and Master of Science in Logistics Management. Lisa is fueled by a mission to improve the prospects of African people and their economies through education, starting with her homeland of Angola. A strong believer in achieving success while living by a clear code of ethics, she is dedicated to combining her analytical skills with the rigor of the highly competitive yet honest athlete. Upon completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Lisa hopes to apply her new knowledge and networks to bring the curriculum of the best U.S. schools to Angola.