Mariam Savadogo

2016 Fellow from Burkina Faso

Mariam Savadogo has been working for eight years on improving education in her community, especially focusing on the capacity of girls succeeding in their lives and school careers. Currently a teacher, she mentors groups of young girls, helping them carry on their education and lives in a more meaningful way by overcoming barriers like early pregnancy, HIV/Aids, STDs, and female circumcision. To do so, she uses dance, singing, performance, and role play of the girls' real-life stories. Mariam has also volunteered in community associations like the Association Monde Rural, which works for the well-being of people in rural areas, and where she was in charge of tutoring young people. Mariam holds a license from the English department of the University of Ouagadougou, where she studied American Literature. Once she is back home from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Mariam would like to strengthen and widen her school exchange groups, to make more girls conscious of the issues that decelerate their education, and to teach them solutions and ways of preventing this.

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