Miriam Santos Livramento

Field of Study: Public Management

Cohort: 2018

Country: Cabo Verde

Leadership Institute: Syracuse University

Miriam Livramento is currently food safety technician at the Entidade Reguladora Independente da Saúde, the health regulatory agency in Cabo Verde. She also volunteers as a consumer rights advocate on the board of directors of the Associação para Defesa do Consumidor and as vice president of the Associação Cabo-verdiana de Nutricionistas. She was an adviser on the 2018 West Africa Regional Advisory Board. Her passion, however, is to promote food security education, so she founded Be Inspired Be Inspiration, an organization of young volunteers, who dedicate their personal, technical, and professional skills to motivating children and youth to promote nutrition education, active citizenship, and quality of life in their schools and communities. The organization is particularly concerned about fighting anemia, which is a public health problem in Cabo Verde. A 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow, Miriam has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.