Mshila Mwakai Sio

2014 Fellow from Kenya

Mshila Sio has over three years of experience in the water resource management sector. He is the founder and Director of Agua Inc. Kenya, an innovative water purification and wastewater treatment company dedicated to providing sustainable solutions throughout the continent. His approach advocates that the unique challenges Africa faces offer the required impetus to create pioneering solutions that can then be offered to the rest of the world. As a result, Mshila has formed strategic partnerships with the Climate Innovation Center, a Worldbank-InfoDev initiative working with innovations that mitigate climate change as well as with leading universities in the region. As a Washington Fellow, Mshila seeks to use the knowledge and connections obtained to further ventures into safe water provision by setting up local water treatment centers that will offer training entrepreneurship and renewable resources for stakeholders. He hopes to transform the way water is managed and accessed on the continent making it safely available for all.

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