Nkechi Udegboka

Field of Study: Business

Cohort: 2016

Country: Nigeria

Leadership Institute: Northwestern University

Tessie Nkechi has over eight years of experience working to better the lives of people living with HIV and semi-urban women. She is the MD of FinaFresh Cosmetics, where she is building a formidable team recruited from environmentally disadvantaged communities, with whom she works to develop products with efficient production. Tessie volunteers in rural communities through her organization, Whispering Hope Africa Initiative (WHAI), offering free capacity-building resources and training to better people's lives. Tessie is certified in Entrepreneurship Management from Pan-Atlantic University and has acquired developmental skills in journalism, women and youth empowerment, leadership, management, and sustainability, amongst others. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Tessie plans to launch a cosmetics kit, the first in Africa, to meet the needs of about 80% of African women.