Obed Mambwe

2019 Fellow from Zambia

Obed Mambwe has been a sign language interpreter for 11 years, and has coordinated and trained interpreters for eight years. He has served as a master trainer in comprehensive sexuality education and information for both deaf and hearing people for six years. Obed is currently senior television sign interpreter at Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, where he heads the interpreters’ department. He is also volunteer coordinator and interpreter trainer at the Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Zambia, and has founded his own not-for-profit organization, the Federation of Sign Language Interpreters and Translators of Zambia, a professional body for sign language interpreters. At the 2019 World Association of Sign Language Interpreters Conference in Paris, Obed was voted African Representative Board Member for 2019–23. He credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship, which he received in 2019, with developing his leadership skills and awarding him a Reciprocal Exchange grant, which will allow him to fulfill his dream of establishing interpreter training in Zambia.

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