Peter Garang Ngor Ayok

2019 Fellow from South Sudan

Peter Ayok has more than five years' experience in youth advocacy. Currently, Peter is cofounder and national program coordinator at the Peer Project, where he leads an HIV campaign targeting youth in South Sudan. Peter, is also founder and director of St. Mary's Senior Secondary School, which offers affordable, high-quality education to 100 low-income children in a rural community in South Sudan. He ensures the smooth operation of the school and teaches physics and English. Peter holds a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Public Health. He is committed to closing the information gap on sexually transmitted infections, family planning, and teenage pregnancy and to improving his country's literacy rate. A 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow, Peter believes the Fellowship improved his skills in advocacy, community engagement and mobilization, and the art of influencing others. Because of the Fellowship, Peter initiated a plan to build the first health center in his community. He also founded the Peter Garang Consultancy, through which he plans to carry on the Mandela Washington legacy. Through the consultancy, he has already conducted five public lectures to 3,000 high school students on the importance of school retention and organized a public speaking competition to encourage students to become servant leaders.

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