Precieux Guenole Rajaofera

2019 Fellow from Madagascar

Précieux Guénolé Rajaofera is a dynamic young scout of the Scout Association of the Lutheran Church of Toliara and has two years of experience in the volunteering and community service sector, mainly focused on the fight against adult illiteracy. To honor his scout obligation of service, Précieux offers free courses in reading and writing to the illiterate adult community of many rural villages in Toliara, Madagascar. Précieux holds a bachelor's degree in Private Law from CNTEMAD (National Distance Education Center of Madagascar) and hopes to enroll in a master´s program in 2020. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Précieux plans to use his new skills and contacts to create a non-profit organization that will focus on fighting hunger, illiteracy, and clean water shortages in Madagascar.

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