Robson Maamba

2018 Fellow from Zambia

Robson Maamba Jr. has more than eight years of experience in the education and information management sectors. Currently, Robson is assistant librarian at Rusangu University, where he is responsible for information gathering, processing, preservation, and dissemination. He is the focal person for ensuring that Rusangu University’s faculty, staff, and students have enhanced access to information resources. Robson is also founder of Royalty Community Organization, a nonprofit that empowers underprivileged women, girls, and youth in rural communities with literacy and life skills. Robson holds a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science and in Public Administration. He strongly believes in the importance of access to valuable and timely information in people’s daily lives. Robson credits the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, which he received in 2018, with opening doors that have helped him improve the lives of underprivileged people in the Monze, Pemba, and Shang’ombo districts of Zambia.

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