Ruaa Ahmed Mahgoub Ahmed

2019 Fellow from Sudan

Ruaa Mahgoub is a dentist with over five years of experience in the public health field and holds a master´s degree in Public and Tropical Health from the University of Medical Science and Technology, where she specialized in hospital management. Currently, Ruaa is head of the clinical governance department at the Directorate General of Quality, Development, and Accreditation at Sudan Federal Ministry of Health. In this role, Ruaa focuses on assessing healthcare facilities in terms of patient safety and the development of their subsequent policies and plans at a national level. Ruaa is also the founder and chief executive officer of a healthcare initiative in her hometown. Ruaa is driven by her commitment to patient's rights and healthcare equity. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Ruaa plans to continue her work in the field of patient safety with a focus on patient engagement and empowerment.

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