Scott Massey

Reciprocal Exchange Participant in Cameroon, Togo

Scott holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Purdue University. While at university, Scott worked part-time at the Purdue University Horticulture College, and assisted in the design of a NASA-funded automated hydroponic plant growth chamber with the goal of growing sustainable food in space colonies. This experience inspired him to co-found Heliponix (formerly Hydro Grow LLC) his senior year at university. The goal of his company is to identify the most efficient form of agriculture, that consumes the least amount of space, energy, and water without compromising the commitment to growing the highest quality food. Scott is responsible for all continued design improvements, manufacturing operations, and overseeing the strategic plan of the entire business. Today the company employs several engineers and is expanding their network of GroPods deployed in the market. The GroPods have been named "Indiana's Best New Tech Product for 2018" by TechPoint through the Mira Award.

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