Thelma Teetee Ahamba

2019 Fellow from Liberia

Thelma Teetee Ahamba has a background in volunteering for impact, community service, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Currently, Thelma is a communications adviser at GROW Liberia, where her focus is on creating visibility for opportunities in the agriculture sector and improving the growth of the agricultural industry by communicating best practices. Previously, she was agribusiness adviser for GROW Liberia and worked with agroprocessors on their marketing and branding. Her volunteer activities include community development projects and education projects targeted at underprivileged children and communities. She has also worked with young people on self-development and entrepreneurship. Thelma holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is committed to helping businesses position themselves strategically to enter new spaces while fully delivering on their brand promises. The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, which she received in 2019, has played an integral role in her life, helping her harness her skills to their best purpose and building her professional network.

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