Tinashe Adolf Addi Mavengere

2014 Fellow from Zimbabwe

Addi Mavengere has more than 14 years of experience in youth development, training facilitation, and education delivery. Addi is the managing director and founder of Learning Factory, an enterprise that operates a learning center offering extended reality educational experiences and that makes quality digital educational content accessible to learners in low-resource communities in Zimbabwe. Addi leads a team that has produced digital courseware for five high school subjects and has developed a solar-powered learning management solution that makes digital courseware accessible offline and off the grid. Addi holds a Master of Commerce in Strategic Management and a postgraduate certificate in Manufacturing Management. Addi believes that a solid educational grounding leads to career success and greater access to economic opportunities. Thus, he works to bring educational content to communities with limited access to quality education. Through his participation in the 2014 Mandela Washington Fellowship—particularly his internship opportunity in Nigeria—Addi learned how contemporary and emerging digital technologies could be used effectively to improve education delivery in low-resource communities. The insights derived from the Fellowship have contributed to Addi’s founding of the Learning Factory.

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