Tshinde Isabel Matos

Field of Study: Public Management

Cohort: 2018

Country: Mozambique

Leadership Institute: Howard University

Tshinde Isabel Matos has one year of experience in the community development sector. In 2017, she worked with NGOs on promoting sustainable nutrition through a large-scale food security project in Mozambique. Currently, Tshinde Matos is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, where she also works in data collection and laboratory analysis to support research on the development and deployment of alternative water sources for urban and rural communities. Tshinde is driven by her strong commitment to promoting sustainable development in Mozambique and is passionate about translating science into innovative new opportunities for society. She also strives to empower young individuals, especially women, by elevating educational standards in rural areas, enriching communities and creating a bright social, political, and economic future through science and entrepreneurship.