Victor Odhiambo Owuor

2017 Fellow from Kenya

Victor Owuor has two years of internship experience in environmental management, specifically focusing on forest management and conservation and on industrial safety and environment. Currently, Victor is an Assistant Secretary at Busara Ni Sisi, a slum-based youth organization where he focuses on developing, documenting, and reporting the group's activities and mobilizing slum youth to indulge in financial inclusion activities ranging from table banking to emergency funding, in addition to waste management programs adopted by the group. Victor also has over six years of experience in voluntary community service, focusing on conservation activities, community extension programs, and visits to children's homes through youth-led initiatives. Victor holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies (Community Development) from Kenyatta University, where he focused on the adoption of alternative energy in Kenya's tertiary institutions. Victor is driven by the urge to see sustainable communities and a healthy environment through better management and administration of public resources. By working with these communities, he envisions a self-reliant planet. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Victor plans to continue with his community-focused engagements. Coupled with his imminent entrance into formal employment, he plans to be at the forefront in pushing for sustainability agenda.

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