Modupeoluwa Ruth Darabidan

2019 Fellowship Alumna, Nigeria

Achieving a More Gender-Inclusive Workforce in Nigeria

2019 Fellowship Alumna Modupe Darabidan recently completed a 12-month long entrepreneurship program to equip 100 out-of-school girls and young women with leadership, business, and financial skills. Through Girls Creativity Hub, Modupe collaborated with Remy Shittu, another U.S. Government-sponsored exchange program alumni, with the goal of establishing a more gender-inclusive workforce in Lagos, Nigeria.  The project was funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF), an annual global competition that supports the efforts of exchange program alumni who are creating innovative solutions to global challenges.

Participants of Girls Creativity Hub, ages 18-25, received training and mentorship in creative design, entrepreneurship, and leadership, with the goal of establishing economic independence. Through sessions led by a local team of trainers, the participants explored the basics of entrepreneurship, received guidance on how to register a small business, and expanded their sales and marketing capabilities.

Learn more about the project in this article from ExchangeAlumni.

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