Chebet Lesan

2016 Fellowship Alumna, Kenya

African Women Entrepreneurs Break Barriers

Chebet’s colleague sets up briquette prototypes.

After budding Kenyan entrepreneur Chebet Lesan, 2016 Fellowship Alumna, quit a lucrative job as an industrial designer to concoct eco-friendly charcoal briquettes in her parents’ Nairobi backyard, she overheard them mutter more than once, “What is she doing out there?”

Eventually, her parents came around and invested in her social enterprise, which now has a production facility and has sold over 500 tons of briquettes since its March 2016 launch.

Chebet exemplifies a new breed of African women entrepreneurs venturing into male-dominated fields. Learn more about Chebet and other female entrepreneurs in the YALI Network breaking barriers in this YALI Network blog post.

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