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American Impact Award: Bullets to Books

After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Fellowship Alumni can apply jointly with U.S. professionals they met during their time in the United States for a Reciprocal Exchange, a small grant which enables U.S. citizens to travel to the Fellow’s country to build upon strategic partnerships and professional connections. Through the Reciprocal Exchange component of the Fellowship, U.S. professionals and Fellowship Alumni form lasting partnerships, expand markets and networks, and increase mutual understanding between the United States and countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Additionally, Reciprocal Exchange Participants may apply for an American Impact Award (AIA), a small-scale grant to implement programming or attend events in the United States that present results of their Reciprocal Exchange, share experiences, transmit lessons learned, or otherwise extend the work of their project to U.S. audiences.

The inaugural American Impact Award event took place on March 17, presented by 2019 Reciprocal Exchange Participants Gail Prensky, Cindy Oxberry,  Sean MacLaughlin, and Andy Truschinski, along with their Fellowship Alumni Collaborators Jok Abraham Thon and Lupai Samuel Kenyi Stephen

The event also featured:

  • Opening and closing remarks from Hon. Tom Hushek, former U.S. Ambassador to South Sudan
  • Insights from the team of Reciprocal Exchange Participants and Fellowship Alumni, who will discuss their experiences in the United States and in South Sudan
  • Presentation of the BULLETS TO BOOKS short documentary
  • Demonstrations of art initiatives, workshops, and construction of the Promised Land Secondary School
  • Screening of the theme song for BULLETS TO BOOKS

Download a transcript of this event.

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