Joel Tchombasi

2015 Fellowship Alumnus, Angola

Believe and Strive: Leading the Way for People with Albinism

A good leader is not selfish and goes for a common goal.”

Joel Tchombasi, 2015 Fellowship Alumnus, Angola

At the time of his Fellowship in 2015, Joel Tchombasi was already a leader in his community in southern Angola. He started a group for people with albinism that works with parents to help keep their children with albinism in school.

During his Fellowship, Joel learned how other groups work with people with disabilities. He visited the nonprofit Global Medical Relief Fund that brings children to the United States from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia for treatments, surgeries and prosthetic limb and eye fittings. He spent time at another area nonprofit that provides people with disabilities opportunities to make their own money by making and selling crafts.

Learn more about the lessons learned during his Fellowship in this YALI Network blog post.

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