Nasreen Ali Mohamed

2018 Fellowship Alumna, Kenya

Champion of women entrepreneurs’ growth

Photo of a young woman with curly hair in a red top

As a woman growing up in Mombasa, I [understand] the struggles [of] other women… My mission is to give disadvantaged women and youth a voice through business growth and help them become ambassadors of advocacy issues affecting their communities… [and] fight for a better life for women who are excluded from formal financial systems.”

Nasreen Ali Mohamed, 2018 Fellowship Alumna, Kenya

As the Chief Executive Officer of Cherehani Africa and founder of Afrikapu, 2018 Fellowship Alumna Nasreen Ali Mohamed is passionate about empowering low-income households in Kenya and across Africa and promoting financial inclusion for women and adolescent girls. She hopes that, through her work, she can help eradicate poverty in concert with other global leaders.

Learn more about Nasreen’s work and accomplishments in this article from The Nation.

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