Ina Traore

2022 Fellowship Alumna, Cote d'Ivoire

Connecting and learning about leadership, sustainability and culture

A man and woman in traditional Ivorian dress pose for a photo; the man holds a beaker filled with water
During a tour of a water treatment plant, Ina met Chance Coe, who has spent time testing wellwater in rural parts of Cote d’Ivoire.

During her Fellowship, 2022 Fellow Ina Mariama Traore of Cote d’Ivoire spent four weeks in Denver, Colorado, for a Professional Development Experience with Denver Water.

Ina, a process engineer by training, recently rehabilitated a wastewater treatment unit for her company, Ivorian Refining Company, a crude oil refinery, to ensure compliance with new environmental regulations. While at Denver Water, Ina was immersed in their operations and broader waste management ecosystem, where she learned about their long-range planning, risk management, and employee learning and development programs, among other things, which she hopes to apply to her work back home.

Learn more about Ina’s PDE in this article from Denver Water.

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