Olive Michele Dol-Somse

2016 Fellowship Alumna, Central African Republic

Dispelling the Gender Myth

Every day, I try to come up with new strategies to help, to empower those women, to communicate with them. How to make them understand that what we are doing together is not just about them. But it’s also about the kids, the children they are raising today. And the future they want for their children.”

2016 Fellowship Alumna Olive Michele Dol-Somse

Her dad taught her gender equality. Now, entrepreneur and 2016 Fellowship Alumna Olive Michele Dol-Somse is training and empowering women in the Central African Republic to help them move past thinking of gender as an obstacle.

Olive founded her organization, Bekilita, in 2015 to offer communication services, but after her Fellowship, she realized she had the opportunity to turn it into a social enterprise. In her work, she empowers women to help them get jobs and earn money. Olive talks about her work and her journey with the Fellowship in the latest episode of the Voices of Exchange podcast.

Listen to the podcast and read a full transcript on the Voices of Exchange website.

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