Lillian Moremi

2018 Fellowship Alumna, Botswana

Collage of the work done at Lillian Moremi's Career Coaching organization. Photos include youth speaking, listening in classrooms, and reading materials.

“Youth development work is about impacting lives for a better future. Identify a challenge in your area and see how best you can help.”

Lillian Moremi, 2018 Fellowship Alumna, Botswana

Through her education organization, Lillian Moremi strives to become the role model for youth that she herself wanted to see growing up.

She founded the Botswana Student Network, an NGO that helps students enhance soft skills such as communication, presentation, and collaboration and helps them find employment after graduation. She also successfully collaborated with six other organizations to host the first-ever Botswana Youth Jobs Fair, seeing over 1,200 youth coming together for employability training and networking. Learn more about how she is helping youth prepare for their future in this YALI Network blog post.

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