O'Brien Makore

2016 Fellowship Alumnus, Zimbabwe

Grow Your Organization with Digital Platforms and Engaging Content

Leadership requires that you empower others within your organization, trust them with the responsibility to lead, and always be approachable.”

O’Brien Makore, 2016 Fellowship Alumnus, Zimbabwe

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, O’Brien Makore, 2016 Fellowship Alumnus of Zimbabwe, and his colleagues primarily interacted with their program participants in person. Through EDZAI ISU Trust, of which O’Brien is the Executive Director, employees were accustomed to in-person theatre, music and film training to inspire creativity and spark intuitive ideas.

After the pandemic began, O’Brien and his colleagues had to adapt their programming to a virtual environment, encountering the following challenges:

  1. Their organization had to create content for an online audience.
  2. They had to grow their social media presence.
  3. They had to appeal to an audience without smartphones, mobile data or reliable internet.

How did they address these challenges? Learn more in this blog post from the YALI Network.

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