Djonabaye Israel

2018 Fellowship Alumnus, Chad

How a Failed Business Paved the Way to Success in Chad

You are going to traverse some difficult terrain, but you have to be resilient.”

Djonabaye Israel, 2018 Fellowship Alumnus, Chad
A man sits behind a radio production desk, smiling at the camera. Screens with the Voice of America logo are in the background.
Djonabaye on set at the Voice of America studios.

As an entrepreneur, Djonabaye Israel was frustrated when his business did not succeed. But it was through this failure that Djonabaye realized his true calling: helping entrepreneurs to find the help they needed. It was only after failing and understanding intimately where he went astray, in not seeking the help of others, that he was able to advise entrepreneurs differently. Learn more in this YALI Network blog post.

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