Landa Mabenge

2017 Fellowship Alumnus, South Africa

How Mabenge made history when he set out to be himself

Be who you are and not who others tell you to be.”

Landa Mabenge, 2017 Fellowship Alumnus, South Africa

2017 Fellowship Alumnus Landa Mabenge made history in 2014 when he became the first known transgender man in South Africa to have his gender-confirming surgeries funded. He says, “It was like being set free.”

Now, he is leading the charge for change. In 2016, he founded Landa Mabenge Consulting to create awareness for marginalized communities and provide support to transgender people.

To spread his message further and inspire others, he wrote the book Becoming Him: A Trans Memoir of Triumph, an emotive account of his journey.

Learn more about Landa’s journey in this feature and video from Sowetan live.

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