Djemillah Mourade Peerbux

2019 Fellowship Alumna, Mauritius

Meet the Journalist Holding a Mirror Up To Society in Mauritius

The media plays a very important role in Mauritius. It serves as a balance, a force holding those in power accountable… Journalism is about telling stories. It’s holding a mirror up to society and giving meaning to what we see.”

Djemillah Mourade Peerbux, 2019 Fellowship Alumna, Mauritius

Djemillah Mourade Peerbux, a 2019 Fellowship Alumna and news editor for the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, strives to raise journalistic standards across her country. As she says, “personal ethics will guide you throughout your career,” a philosophy she infuses into her work as a journalist and the various NGOs that she works with. Among the organizations she founded is The Ripple Project, a community-led initiative to address period poverty in Mauritius. Learn more about Djemillah’s work in this YALI Network blog post.

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