Nkem Christiana Okocha

2017 Fellowship Alumna, Nigeria

Nkem Okocha is on a Mission to Empower Low-Income Nigerian Women

2017 Fellowship Alumna Nkem Okocha founded MamaMoni, a fintech social enterprise, in the hope that she could empower rural and urban low-income women with vocational skills and mobile loans to start their own businesses.

“I left my banking job in 2013 to start a trading business and bring up my children because balancing corporate and family life was not working for me,” Nkem said. “I moved into the Amuwo Odofin community and noticed that a lot of women were unemployed or doing jobs like washing clothes that paid next to nothing.”

The situation inspired her to start MamaMoni, which began as a training and skill acquisition hub. It slowly morphed into a fintech organization. Nkem discovered the women who acquired vocational skills could not start businesses because they lacked the funds.

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