Anne Willkomm

Institute Partner, Drexel University

Personal Reflections on the Mandela Washington Fellowship

2019 Fellows pose in front of the dragon mascot at Drexel University. They are all wearing matching yellow Drexel t-shirts.

“When I first signed on as the Academic Director for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, I had a sense of what this Fellowship entailed, but much of my thought process was focused on being involved with the types of incredible young leaders I had met as a peer collaborator the previous two years. I had no idea how much they would impact me or the University. There is no doubt the Fellows are the primary beneficiaries of this grant, but make no mistake every person who interacted with the Fellows gained something in return, as did the University as a whole.” – Anne Goodwin, Academic Director for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Drexel University.

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