Racheal Inegbedion

2021 Fellowship Alumna, Nigeria

Sharing the Knowledge to Build the Future

A lot of the time people with disabilities are left behind. We saw a need to come in and fill this gap and change the narrative by helping people experience tech in a different format.”

Racheal Inegbedion, 2021 Fellowship Alumna, Nigeria
Woman presents certificate to participant; both smile for camera and are joined by 2 other colleagues
Racheal (second from left) presents a certificate to a program participant.

The idea that young people with disabilities struggle when it comes to IT and technology subjects has gained traction despite its dubious origins.

And it’s a notion that 2021 Fellowship Alumna, Racheal Inegbedion of Nigeria, hopes to dispel through her not-for-profit organization Special Needs Initiative for Growth. She and her colleagues believe that STEM and robotics programs are ideally suited to those with special needs. Armed with the skills gleaned from these subjects, students have their best shot at a place in tomorrow’s workforce.

Learn more about the groundbreaking work that Racheal and Special Needs Initiative for Growth’s partners are doing across Nigeria in this article from Chrome Enterprise.

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