Mildred Apenyo

2014 Fellowship Alumna, Uganda

The Pearls of Africa: Mildred Apenyo

I didn’t know anything about fitness, but I had passion. So Notre Dame brought me in and … refined the idea and pruned the number of directions I wanted to take FitClique.”

Mildred Apenyo, 2014 Fellowship Alumna, Uganda

2014 Fellowship Alumna Mildred Apenyo founded an all-women’s gym in Uganda, where women can take part in yoga, kick boxing, discussions, and personal safety classes. In Mildred’s FitClique classes, Mildred leads about 45 minutes of African yoga stretches and movements, ending with some traditional Ugandan dance moves. After a break, the now larger group of women sit on the floor to discuss different issues women face with personal safety.

Mildred says, “We are trying to be part of the Ugandan feminist movement, something that makes people feel and be safer.”

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