Ismael Essome

2019 Fellowship Alumnus, Cameroon

Transforming Recycling in Cameroon and Beyond

Ismael during his 2019 Fellowship at Rutgers.

Ismael Essome, a 2019 Fellowship Alumnus, traveled from Cameroon to New Brunswick in 2019 to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship Leadership in Business Institute at Rutgers University, led by Kevin Lyons, Associate Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers Business School, and Johanna Bernstein, Assistant Dean for Global Programs at Rutgers Global. Described by faculty as quiet and humble, he has proven himself to be a force of nature by attempting to fundamentally change the process of plastic waste management in his home country of Cameroon. Ismael is gaining both momentum and international acclaim and recently announced a partnership with TerraCycle, the innovative international recycling organization based in New Jersey with a mission of “eliminating the idea of waste.”

Learn more about this partnership and Israel’s work in this article from Rutgers Global.

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