Mshila Sio

2014 Fellowship Alumnus, Kenya

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Entrepreneur Gives Back to Local Communities in Kenya

Living in safe environments should be a right, not a privilege.”

Mshila Sio, 2014 Fellowship Alumnus, Kenya

Effective wastewater treatment can be out of reach for many communities in Africa. With Agua Kenya, 2014 Fellowship Alumnus Mshila Sio is putting safe, natural solutions into place.

Mshila smiles and holds an object for filtration.

With the support of one of the U.S. African Development Foundation‘s (USADF) first entrepreneurship grants for Mandela Washington Fellows, the team of Agua Kenya has proven that contaminated water can be recycled naturally and at low cost by using filtration systems and native plants. Agua Kenya uses aquatic plants to inject oxygen into polluted water and digest organic matter. These plants also eliminate minerals and heavy metals, increasing the amount of reclaimed water that can be reused.

Learn more about how Mshila is giving back to local communities in this story from USADF.

Mshila Sio contributed to the USADF Grants Management course on the Fellowship Portal, exclusively for Fellowship Alumni. Fellowship Alumni who are interested in learning more about grants management or Mshila’s experience implementing a USADF grant can take the course through the Fellowship Portal.  Learn more about the course.

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