Tshinde Matos

2018 Fellowship Alumna, Mozambique

YALI Voices Podcast: Science and Entrepreneurship are the Answers to Food Insecurity


2018 Fellowship Alumna Tshinde Matos of Mozambique is using her background in biotechnology to increase food security and access to water resources in Africa.

Currently a biotechnology student at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, Tshinde has dedicated much of her career to the development of agricultural resources. She has experience working with a local NGO in her home country of Mozambique on food fortification projects and has conducted research on the development of alternative water resources, after being inspired to act during the water crisis in South Africa.

In this podcast, Tshinde discusses the food security landscape in Mozambique and the role youth can play in helping to create a strong agricultural sector. Read the full transcript.

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