Leon Damba

2018 Fellowship Alumnus, Zimbabwe

YALI Voices Podcast: Zimbabwe’s Leon Damba Talks Agriprocessing and Catering to His Customers

Go into agriculture. That’s where the money is. That’s where the future is. Food will never go out of fashion. Everybody has to eat… the old-school way of farming is still relevant and will always be relevant just as long as the human race is around.”

Leon Damba, 2018 Fellowship Alumnus, Zimbabwe

2018 Fellowship Alumnus Leon Damba is the founder and managing partner of The Sous Chef Limited, an environmentally friendly, healthy, and affordable catering and food-processing business in Zimbabwe. Through his work, he hopes to express the importance of young Africans shifting their perceptions of agriculture.

In this YALI Voices podcast, Leon shares his journey as an agricultural entrepreneur and why he is committed to providing healthy and quality food options to Zimbabweans. Read the full transcript of the podcast.

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